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Political parties encourage extremism

Continuing with my “Are political parties the problem?” theme, we see many examples of extreme either-or thinking that partisan politics encourages, depends on, and exploits.

Consider the issue of the governments role in job creation and associated matters.  If you ask a normal non-political person about this, they will respond with common sense wisdom.  If you ask someone who is politically savvy and aligns with a political party you will get a distortion, a critical extreme thinking, an either-or, no subtlety, un-nuanced, non reflection of the complexities involved.  In other words, to put it bluntly, you get stupidity.

Clearly, government is not the problem, as the right would argue.  And, government is not the solution as the left would argue.   But, this left/right dichotomy is a cartoon world.  Government is PART of the problem.  And, as any entity in space-time, sometimes it exhibits more or less problems.

Grown up people realize this and will act accordingly.  It is time to get grown up people involved in the political process.  I don’t think that will happen when political parties demand stupid.



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