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A viral mindmap "The Illusion of Choice?"

An image and story is going around on the web “The Illusion of Choice”, how a few companies control everything you buy. I read it just to see the tie in to mind map technology.

Who doesn’t know that a few companies are at the root of a particular industry? Interesting use of mind maps.

About the concentration of suppliers. Probably hyperbole, but if true what does it mean? And if true, is it something new? After all, some years back there were only three large car companies in the United States. About four companies make all the laptop motherboards, etc. What would be interesting is seeing how many share the same board of directors and other tie ins, like political action committees and lobbyists.

Some possible negative effects

  • Price manipulation
  • Manipulation of regulations
  • Advertising collusion
  • Political influence

Yet, what industry has many prime suppliers. In Economics 101 I remember reading that formation of monopolies is one of the side effects of our economic system.

Great presentation on “Mindmapping for Medical Students.”


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