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Supreme Court uses the Slippery Slope argument.

Was reading about the supreme court hearings on the Republican health care plan that the democrats made into law. So far the most prominent argument is the use of the “slippery slope”. If you do this, then that giant evil government will force you to floss your teeth!

The slippery slope argument though seemingly applicable in a some areas is really just nonsense. This argument is really a logical fallacy. It is used to stop any attempts to apply sanity in many situations. For example, the gun lobby (In Guns We Trust) uses this to great effect. What, regulate sales at gun shows and the next thing is the evil socialist government will take all our tactical body piercing automatic computer controlled squirrel hunting assault rifle, dag darnit. The ‘right to abortion’ groups do the same: any regulation is just a slippery slope toward that big bad government telling you how to use your body and what is right and wrong.

It is insane. I could go on, but in a nutshell here is my claim: so much use of the slippery slope argument is itself a slippery slope into idiocracy.

Imagine if every great invention was subjected to such arguments. “Well, thanks for the gift of fire, but we think that will just lead to things being burned up till eventually the earth itself will be a lifeless cinder.”

As to the constitutional hearings. Maybe we should just round up the TV justices and make up a new court to try this case. At least it will be hilarious. Judge Judy will get to the bottom of it, “you mean, some lazy ass will sit around and not pay for anything, while everyone else does, but then will want medical attention if they get a big booboo!”

I was reading a good scholarly paper on the slippery slope years ago but can’t find the link anymore. Was very interesting. So did that camel get into the tent?

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