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Cannabis and driving

The day after I wrote a post asking about drivers and a trance state I was rear ended while driving to work.   When the other illustrated man tattooed driver opened his door a reek of pot wafted out and enveloped me.

Lets be proactive here.  Lets not wait for some heartbroken person starting a crusade after losing a loved one to an accident caused by someone behind the wheels and stoned and grooving on cheech and chong (or its modern equivalent).   Maybe MADD should be renamed Mothers Against Drugged Driving?  Or, since fathers grieve too, there should be a Fathers Against Drugged Driving.

But, this is uncool right.  The liberals and libertarians argue that this is a personal matter, war on drugs failed, blah blah.  And, medical pot could be a revenue enhancer to suffering municipalities.  And, of course, it is so trendy to be addicted to drugs isn’t it?   (Yes, cannibis is addictive, spare me).

The arguments for and against Cannabis are so funny.  One article’s theme is if you smoke pot you won’t drink so much, thus, less accidents.  Huh?  How about if you do heroin you not only will drink less or smoke pot, but you will drive less.

You know what is better then pot?   A clear mind and an open heart.

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