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Cannabis and driving

The day after I wrote a post asking about drivers and a trance state I was rear ended while driving to work.   When the other illustrated man tattooed driver opened his door a reek of pot wafted out and enveloped me.

Lets be proactive here.  Lets not wait for some heartbroken person starting a crusade after losing a loved one to an accident caused by someone behind the wheels and stoned and grooving on cheech and chong (or its modern equivalent).   Maybe MADD should be renamed Mothers Against Drugged Driving?  Or, since fathers grieve too, there should be a Fathers Against Drugged Driving.

But, this is uncool right.  The liberals and libertarians argue that this is a personal matter, war on drugs failed, blah blah.  And, medical pot could be a revenue enhancer to suffering municipalities.  And, of course, it is so trendy to be addicted to drugs isn’t it?   (Yes, cannibis is addictive, spare me).

The arguments for and against Cannabis are so funny.  One article’s theme is if you smoke pot you won’t drink so much, thus, less accidents.  Huh?  How about if you do heroin you not only will drink less or smoke pot, but you will drive less.

You know what is better then pot?   A clear mind and an open heart.

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Sugar is bad?

Is sugar bad, causes Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and other bad stuff?  This video presents an argument that Fructose is very bad, “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”, via YouTube – Sugar: The Bitter Truth.   But, a rebuttal is found at Alan Aragon’s blog:

So, what is there to do?  As usual, the truth will be in the middle.

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Medical marijuana clinics? We don't have aspirin clinics.

This article irked me: Civic activists in L.A. have growing appetite to curb medical marijuana clinics —

It sort of made plain some of the trepidation I feel about this new grassroots effort.   To me it seems like a new effort to quasi-legalize drugs.  Sure there may be legitimate medical benefits to many natural substances, but we already have  distribution channels for legal drugs: pharmacies.   And, these channels can accommodate this “new” drug.  There is no issue with freshness or packaging; our supermarkets distribute perishable produce daily.

In fact, these clinics are nothing more then today’s speakeasys.  In the past, you just got a prescription by asking the local bookie or wiseguy, now you’ll just complain to your doctor, “Doc, my vision is not too good lately, I think to avoid glaucoma later I should get a prescription for some devil weed.” As I read the news article I cringe at the “connoisseur quality” selections, the menu, and the photo showing young ‘sufferers, “oh, can’t sleep, the boogie man scares me”.

Well, I’m sure this is a losing battle.  If some can say that the constitution guarantees the right to bear high caliber assault weapons, I’m sure some will find justification for being stoned and getting the munchies.  So lets get the unintended consequences out of the way.  Such as, are these legally stoned on pot people allowed to drive?  Its bad enough some drunk can decimate my family on the road, now I have to worry about pot heads too.  Can we dispense with the years of medical studies and jawboning that will inevitably follow and just determine right now if it causes cancer, makes you stupid, or really does lead to dangerous drugs like discount wine?

Ok, some psychologists have found that certain psychoactive drugs are beneficial for psychological issues.  Here come the Psych Joints!  On the menu: Mushrooms (no trans-fats), LSD, Angel Dust, hashish, and Shaman juju dust.  Would you like to try our new hookah, we are running a sale today?

P.S.  Of course, I respect the needs of people with health issues and that must give alternative treatments a fair trial.

P.P.S.  Further evidence of shadiness of this is the news that in Colorado a place has a want ad out for a “Pot Critic”!  I have never heard of a ‘Pharmacy Critic’.


  • “Long-term cannabis use can double risk of psychosis”, link
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