Leonard Cohen concert at Wang Theatre

I attended the Saturday concert in Boston. It was booked a few months ago. The concert was superb. As usual Leonard gave a great performance of his signature compositions. It ran for more than three hours, but I could have listened for days.

The musicians were impeccable, the accompanying singers sounded great. Cohen’s collaborator, Sharon Robinson, was one of the three female vocalists. She did a very nice solo.

I’m glad I went. However, there was an undercurrent pain in my soul. On Friday the tragedy in Connecticut struck. I came home that day and cried. And, during one of the songs in the concert it hit me again. I had to struggle to keep from weeping. Yea, I’m probably a wuss. If I feel it, can you imagine how intense it is for those effected directly, even the survivors? There are just no words to say or use that offers us any comprehension or way to absorb it in one’s mind. Traditional concepts just melt away: fate, God’s will, Karma, probabilities, … nothing. We simply have to cry then look up and move forward.

Now the real questions begin, but will people answer them? Will the entrenched interests just regroup and hold their ground? It is not just the gun lobbies that are at fault, but also the medical profession: all the talk and the pills, but people are still out there who are walking disasters waiting to happen.

Ooops, got off subject. Leonard Cohen. What a treasure. It is with poems and music that we hold at bay the gaping maws of reality, that we structure experience, that we gain strength in the face of unspeakable hurt. Lord have mercy.

Come to think of it, I was not going off topic. Listening to “Hallelujah” and “If it be your will”, Cohen’s music is most especially appropriate for what is happening now. In the concert, unlike many others, he did not stoop to milking it. He simply said something like, some things we can’t even put into words.

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