What slowed down Galaxy Note with Android 4.1.2 update?

In my prior post on how to speed up the Galaxy Note I added an update on changing the battery.

Update Dec 26, 2013: I got a new battery for the phone. Hmmm. It’s faster. I’ll give it a few days of use to make sure it is not a fluke. The original battery was 2500mAh, the new is 2700mAh. Should not matter!

So, far the phone is noticeably faster. Its like getting a new phone! I’m trying to remember if I changed something else, or did not access yet an app I normally use.

The only thing I did was in the developer options of phone, checked off “Do not keep activities”, but I unchecked it before leaving the screen. So no configuration changes were made. All I did was put in the new battery, turned off the phone and let the battery charge up to 100% overnight, took out the battery for about 10 secs, put the battery back in. Restarted the phone.

One last test is to put the old battery back in. Will do this tonight. I’m hesitant, you know if its working don’t fix it.
I put the old battery in, and the phone is still fast. Didn’t really use it for long. It is faster with the new battery. When I go from the Sonos controller to the home screen there is a slight pause. With the new battery there is no pause. Now I’m puzzled. Something changed. Oh well.


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